Dog Tricks: Three steps for teaching your dog to play dead

Teaching your dog how to play dead can be a trick that you and your family can have a lot of fun with. Here are some steps to get your pooch to be on its back with its legs up in no time:

1) Lie down
Before beginning to learn how to play dead, your dog needs to know how to lie down. It’s kind of one of those prerequisite things.

2) Have a cue
A lot of people come up with different cues for playing dead. Some just say “play dead” or they make a gun shape with their hand and say “bang!” Usually shorter commands work the best.

3) Good belly rubs
For this trick you don’t even need treats. All you need is the other thing pretty much all dogs love: belly rubs. Once you get your pooch to lie down, make sure to get him on his back and give a belly rub. While you are doing this, be sure to say your cue word. Do not rub the dog’s belly for too long so you can keep repeating the trick.

Basically your dog will start to associate your cue word with getting a belly rub. After he’s trained, once you say the cue word, he should turn right over expecting a rub.

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